Course Open - Summer greens in play but extensive tining tee to green has taken place to improve conditions after recent heavy rain. (updated 30 January at 18:15)
BGC Wildlife Group

The Bromborough Golf Club Wildlife Group came into being following the publication of a joint publication by the R & A and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The paper underlined how, as stewards of so much pristine countryside, golf clubs could do so much to conserve and improve wildlife habitats.

Whilst the playing of golf has primacy at BGC, there are out of play areas, such as our stretch of the Dibbin Valley, and some of our numerous ponds, which are important wildlife habitats which need enhancing and preserving. Left to its own devices, nature, here, will eventually revert to deciduous woodland and ponds will silt up and acidify. Diverse habitats need a helping hand.

Cheshire Wildlife has registered some of our healthier ponds with the Environment Agency as Sites of Scientific Interest (SSI’s) because of the numbers of amphibians and insects they support.

We encourage members and visitors to report their sightings of wildlife on the course and the most recent examples were Barn Owlets and Koi Carp.

Barn Owlets2016